I was a Wall Street Broker for 14 years...

I recently read your book and it was excellent. I was a Wall Street Broker for 14 years and left that business last year to begin my career as a Realtor. I loved the section on “The Customer is Restored to Stardom”. It reminded me what my mentor broker told me my first week as his cold caller calling prospects across the country: “Treat every person you call with respect as if you were talking to your grandmother.”

That one phrase lead me to great success in building my business. Thanks for sharing your experience and advice. Your book will be my go to source building my real estate business.

~ Craig D Weisbecker

When I look back a little over a year ago...

When I look back a little over a year ago it does not seem possible that we did NOT own a wonderful NYC apartment. Thanks to your professional efforts and wonderful instincts about what we might want and then when and how to submit an offer, it would not have become a reality for us. Your follow up work during the escrow period was equally outstanding.

As a CEO I had the chance to work with many talented people so my standards became pretty high. Your abilities in your field would have put you right in the with the best of anyone I ever worked with. I am truly appreciative of everything you did for us.

~ Steve Gutsche

Patricia Cliff is simply the best. She quickly understood our needs...

Patricia Cliff is simply the best. She quickly understood our needs and her knowledge of the market is encyclopedic. She has great feel for space and is able to visualize how a location will look, what will or will not work, and whether it will be a good fit. Patricia is nothing if not practical. She does her research and will take you to only places that might make sense for you.

Her judgment and advice are sound. She will help you assess the upsides and downsides of alternative locations. She will then coach you through the negotiation process, giving you the benefit of her many years of experience. Additionally, she is a closer. Once you’re ready to make the transaction, she will get the deal done.

Patricia’s energy, enthusiasm and optimism are boundless. When we are ready for our next move, we know Patricia will do a great job in selling our current apartment and guiding us as we buy our next one.

~ Ronnie and David Parker

As for the timing, we've been feeling quite smug...

As for the timing, we’ve been feeling quite smug that we managed to slip in our personal transitions so effectively — great house swap, great apartment sale, the latter thanks to you and your team. An entirely positive experience. Many thanks for making the whole process so bearable and providing such a happy ending.

~ Gail Wickes

I have known Patricia Cliff since 1985, when I was looking to purchase...

I have known Patricia Cliff since 1985, when I was looking to purchase a co-operative apartment in the upper east side of New York City. I indicated the type of apartment and a price range. Mrs. Cliff said that she would show me the best four apartments that met my criteria, all of which were desirable apartments. In order to get a better feel for the market, I viewed another 55 apartments, none of which compared to the four Mrs. Cliff had shown me. I purchased the first one Mrs. Cliff had shown. Throughout the price negotiation, interview and closing phases, Mrs. Cliff provided the best possible advice; the price was fair, I was prepared for the interview and the closing was efficient. Additionally, Mrs. Cliff advised that the building was a well managed good “B” building with the prospect of an improved ranking; the building was later rated the best building of its type in New York City.

In 2009, I decided to sell the apartment, and, while I have other friends who are agents, there was no question in my mind that Mrs. Cliff would do the best job with this transaction. Mrs. Cliff advised how to stage the apartment, provided an excellent lawyer and she and her team resolved multiple snafus on the closing date. More importantly, Mrs. Cliff got the highest price for the apartment in a difficult real estate market; approximately four times my original purchase price. Mrs. Cliff is knowledgeable, smart, honest, efficient, businesslike and very capable. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and, if I need a New York City realtor in the future, Mrs. Cliff is the person I will be calling.

~ T. Austin Finch III

If anyone was born matched to a profession...

If anyone was born matched to a profession, Patricia, it is you to real estate. We met as complete strangers that first day in June, 2009, and Steven and I immediately felt comfortably in good hands. You were impeccably professional, yet down to earth and straightforward. Your consummate knowledge of the city and the economic landscape and your uncanny ability to match a buyer to properties, sight unseen, made for a remarkably efficient search experience. In just a day and half we felt you had a good sense of our options, and, even more importantly, you showed us the apartment of our dreams.

That’s when your greatest talents came into play. Given the uncertainties of this great recession, we were hesitant as to whether the timing was right to make an offer. As the summer went on, you kept us apprised of the situation in a manner that was always helpful and never pushy. And when the time came to be decisive or lose the opportunity, you let us know that, too. As a result, I believe we ended up with the best purchase at the best price at the best time we could possibly have hoped for. The entire process went smoothly even though we were on the opposite side of the country. Your wealth of experience and the breadth of your network has been invaluable to us long after the close of the real estate transaction and we are grateful to consider you as not just our realtor but also our friend.

~ Marilyn and Steve Gutsche

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank you...

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank you both for your dedication and tireless efforts to help us find the best apartment. We are all thrilled with this outcome and could not have had a better buying experience. It has been great to work with you both, and I know that this will be a relationship that lasts as long as my family is buying and selling real estate in New York.

~ Stephen Goldstein


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