Japan – April 2015

We spent a month traveling around Japan this past April and within a day of our arrival, a few things became very obvious:

  1. There are no fat people in Japan. Everyone looks healthy and well fed, but no one is obese.
  2. People are neatly and appropriately well-dressed.
  3. Employees take great pride in their jobs and there is high productivity and very low unemployment.
  4. EVERYTHING WORKS! The infrastructure is in perfect repair, so people use the underground and there are no traffic jams in Toyko.

Could it be that “American Exceptional-ism” could learn a few things worth copying from the Japanese?

Jazz Musicians at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC

The Metropolitan Museum Friday night cultural evenings included this one featuring different jazz groups on January 30th. Art and music is a fabulous combination and the acoustics and architecture make it a truly unique experience.

Restaurants in Portland

Portland is a food junkies heaven! Whether it’s Hot Lips Pizza delivered by an electric car, or Hawaiian food served in a former gas station, the variety and quality of the food here is fantastic. There is a whole block of food carts that rival anything in Bangkok.

Halloween in NYC

Halloween has grown in popularity. Once a British and American holiday, it has now become an event celebrated in Western Europe as well. Manhattanites love to decorate the outside of their homes for the occasion. Restaurants, likewise, add the Halloween element. Most leave this theme up until Thanksgiving. Here are some of the more interesting home displays.

Manhattan in Springtime

The Wildlife and Beauty in Antarctica

Hundreds of thousands of king penguins in the largest breeding area in the world on Salisbury Plain, South Georgia Island in Antarctica.

South American Art from Chile and Argentina

Photos taken on visit to Chile and Argentina. Christmas 2013 and New Year 2104 on excursion to Antarctica.
The political message being delivered in Spanish is: The city is yours but the walls belong to us.

International Book Fairs in Gothenburg, Sweden and Frankfurt, Germany Autumn, 2013

The leading continental European Book Fairs are held in Frankfurt, Gothenburg, and Sweden.
The American writer, Richard Ford, personally appeared to discuss his latest novel, “Canada” which had just been translated into Swedish.

Summer activities in Portland

Contrary to the popular belief that “it always rains in Portland”, the summers are incredibly dry and almost completely devoid of any rain at all. This combined with the very low humidity and wonderful sunshine makes it an ideal place for outdoor summer activities.

Portland in Spring – a City of Rainbows

Spring comes earlier to Portland than in New York City. The outdoor organic food markets are in full swing with locally grown produce and the flowering trees by the river are in full bloom.