NYC Riverfront Development

High Line Park, New York

High Line Park

During the past twenty years, there has been extensive riverfront park development in NYC. The most notable is the very diversified Hudson River Park which winds its way from the George Washington Bridge along the Hudson down to the Battery. It encompasses all types of recreation activities which can be read on the Hudson River Park website. The elevated High Line Park is another such project.

Most recently however, the riverfront of the Bronx, often referred to as the “forgotten borough”, has been discovered by the architects Alexander Levi and his wife Amanda Schachter of SLO architecture. They saw recreational possibilities along the Bronx River, formerly a very unattractive site along a very polluted river. Having captured the imagination of 100 architecture students, they have plans to create a park around the abandoned Westchester Avenue Train Station in the Bronx. This was originally commissioned by J.P. Morgan and designed by one of NYC’s most prominent architects of the time (Cass Gilbert) in 1908. It has been out of use since 1931.

These activities won SLO Architecture the Dwell Vision Award from Dwell Magazine. The project is being supported financially by two Fitch Foundation grants and promises to add another innovative, recreational park to NYC.

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