Buying a Home in NYC: Digital vs Personal

HouseAnother big time international techie coder, Ori Allon, who has triple citizenship: Israel, Australia and the U.S. sold his prior business, Julpan to Twitter. Ori has now decided that he can turn the NYC residential real estate search solely into a total technology driven experience. He has created the website:

On, properties all over NYC can be searched regardless of which real estate company actually has the exclusive listing. Furthermore, the exclusive agents of these properties are not identified anywhere in search results.

When a property of interest has been found, detailed information is not available until the visitor signs in via email or Facebook (which of course allows Urbancompass access to your personal information.) At that point, an Urbancompass agent that they consider appropriate, based upon your personal profile is assigned to you.

Value your privacy? Care to spend a huge amount of money to purchase a home and miss out on the personal experience of dealing with an experienced agent of your choice who will unravel all of the issues that come along with the purchasing process? When was the last time that a hand jumped out of your computer, patted your hand and told you that everything was going to turn out okay? Not to worry? Not likely to happen.

Buying and selling real estate is a personal experience not an exercise in Google style technology!

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