Patricia Cliff, Motivational Speaker

Patricia Cliff’s presentation was perfect for all brokers in attendance – and we had extraordinary caliber at the event that represents approximately 25% of the annual real estate sales volume in the Metropolitan Portland Market present. Patricia connected with the audience and had relevant information that provided true value. Not all speakers can provide entertaining and meaningful anecdotes during their presentations, but Patricia delivered a superior glimpse into a large market that gave some great ideas on how to thrive in real estate from the first transaction to positioning a practice for retirement.

Jeff Meucci
Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
Fidelity National Title Company of Oregon

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Clients include:

  1. The Inman Real Estate Connect Conference (View video here)
  2. The Real Estate Board of New York
  3. The New York University Real Estate Institute
  4. The German American Chamber of Commerce
  5. The private Banking Divisions of International Banks and Investment firms.

Previous Speaking Engagements

Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland Oregon
Queens Women’s Business Center | “Power Breakfast – Building Trustworthy Business Relationships”
The Gunn Memorial Library | Washington, Connecticut
Multnomah Athletic Club | Portland, Oregon
Corcoran Learning Center | New York, New York
Prem First Thursday Featured Speaker | Portland Oregon
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Some of Patricia’s More Popular Lecture Topics:

Delivering Extraordinary Service in the New Business Environment

Since the Recession of 2008 and the burst of the “real estate bubble”, new, higher levels of expertise and extraordinary comprehensive levels of service are expected of agents. It is most important to build relationships that will bond the agent not only to the immediate client, but also a whole family and their larger network. Patricia’s more than 35 years of selling high end residential real estate in New York City has taught her the value of these relationships whether they be promoted by social media, or by the “good old boy network”, or as is often the case, by a combination of both. Patricia’s motto is: “Once you have found them never let them go.” She will share her methodology in a comprehensive lecture on this subject.

The Art of Appropriate Pricing

Regardless of the beauty of the home or its amenities, the public is better educated today through technology about comparable sales in the area where they wish to purchase a home than many agents are. The buying community is often not even willing to look at properties which are significantly overpriced. The old adage of sellers that: “Well, anyone is free to make a lower offer” no longer applies. The challenge of convincing sellers to price properly from the get-go is an art, which Patricia will share with her listeners.

Building a Team

The days when solo agents can handle their business effectively are over. Unless agents are part-timers or virtual agents, working in conjunction with other knowledgeable individuals is a must. The key to building a very successful career rests in building a real estate team which can deliver 24/7 service. This requires significant people knowledge and business strategies as well as sales skills. Patricia will share her experiences, good and bad, and some hysterically funny. She has honed the art of team building to a fine art and will share all of these steps with her audience.

Branding through an Effective Website Presence

The age of print advertising is over and the era of the Internet has become the most effective method of attracting buyers and sellers to you and your team. It is vitally important that every agent have a website that will serve to promote not only their properties, but their personal brand. The methodology of building an effective web presence is a subject that every successful agent needs to know today. Patricia has worked for the Corcoran Group for the past dozen years and their brand and their cutting edge technology is visible on: Patricia will discuss how to create a scaled down, very effective personal version of this major internet presence.

How to Market Yourself and Your Properties to an International Marketplace

The world has shrunk and what used to be a small pool of occasional international buyers has swelled to a major tidal wave of people from the four corners of the world seeking luxury homes. There are many guidelines that can make agents very successful in this area. Knowing exactly how to position yourself to acquire international business is something that Patricia can share with her listeners, since 40% of her business originates from off-shore buyers.

The Exit Strategy

For agents who wish to continue their presence in the real estate business and remain relevant, but are tired of doing the “heavy lifting”, Patricia will explain the very effective formula of converting an agent’s career into that of being the “rain maker” on the team, while enjoying traveling and networking all over the world, and continuing to derive a significant income.

Lectures about market conditions and other topics can also be custom tailored for your audience.

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