The Art of Selling Real Estate

“Patricia Cliff’s book explains in detail how the well informed, seasoned agent is the indispensable component to every deal. It is a must read if you want to enter the business or you want to elevate your business to the million dollar plus income of the author. You would have to be crazy to miss it!”

Barbara Corcoran
Real Estate Mogul, Business Expert
Star of the ABC Reality Hit “Shark Tank”


art of selling real estateMay 18, 2016
“Patricia Cliff is one of the most successful real estate agents in the U.S. In her book, she provides actionable advice that you can use to take your real estate business to the next level. She covers a number of topics in the book, including how to become a lifelong real estate advisor to your clients, how to preserve the commission structure, and how to build the right real estate team underneath you in order to scale your business.”

Aaron Kardell
Founder and CEO of HomeSpotter

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The Art of Selling Real Estate offers timely practical advice that any agent can use to overcome post 2008 obstacles and build a successful career in today’s economic environment.

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  • The necessity of convincing the seller to price appropriately
  • Preserving the commission structure
  • Dressing up and optimally marketing properties
  • Making passive income and increasing your net worth with wise real estate investments
  • Taking your business to the next level by creating and managing a successful real estate team
  • Creating an Exit Strategy that will maintain an income flow and keep you relevant

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In this popular book, Cliff demonstrates how to a build a life-long relationship with your clients as their trusted real estate advisor by becoming the indispensable element in every real estate transaction, through the delivery of a consistent, authentic, remarkable high level of personalized service. Read her guest blog on “The Secrets of Success Blog – Women Entrepreneurs radio” or listen to her interview with Toby Salgado “110 Million Dollars and Counting” on how she became a Super Agent – and how you can be successful too.

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If you are living in Washington, CT, the book is now available at:
The Hickory Stick Bookshop
2 Green Hill Road, Washington Depot, CT 06794
Phone: 860-868-0525

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What people are saying

I am 1/3 through your book and already have learned more than entire books I have read on real estate. I have been with corcoran for 2+ years, have been moderately successful, and am looking to step up my game. I am constantly reading real estate and marketing books in addition to getting out there and hustling. Yours is already the best I’ve read.
I will be recommending it to every friend I have who asks me how they should start a career in real estate (of which there are many!)

~ Susan D Little, The Corcoran Group

I just finished reading your book “The Art of Selling Real Estate.” I wanted to tell you that I loved the book. I am currently in the Army, but my enlistment ends in six months. I will transition into Real Estate. Your book will be a tool for me in my new career. Thank you for the great advice!
~ Matt Losito

I just finished reading your book this morning and I wanted to drop you a quick thank you note. It’s quite difficult to find a book that delves into the nuances of NYC real estate better than yours- I thoroughly enjoyed it and took note of countless pieces of advice.
Thanks again.

~ Cameron Wyllie

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