Tips for new real estate agents

What is the common thread in the members of a successful real estate team?

Is there value in personality tests?

How can one effectively judge the chemistry of a growing team?

What is the most effective way to work with customers and keep them long-term? Patricia talks about the value of making it personal.

In the words of Warren Buffett “Take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself”.

From safety to troubleshooting to higher sale prices, Patricia addresses the importance and value of hiring a professional.

In this video, top-ranked NYC real estate broker, Patricia Cliff shares her wit and wisdom on how to disengage gracefully from difficult and unpleasant customers.

Personalities often clash and making use of the referral system is beneficial to you and your business.

In the world of residential real estate, is the internet friend or foe?

Patricia Cliff talks about the importance of presenting yourself as the expert people really need.

Selling real estate in New York City can be an exhausting business.

You can have a life if you plan accordingly!

Stay in the game by making rain.

Selling luxury real estate in NYC is all about building long-term client relationships.

In this video short, author and top-ranked real estate broker, Patricia Cliff of the Corcoran Group, shares her wit and wisdom on making yourself memorable!

Real estate walk-throughs can be full of surprises!

Top NYC real estate broker, Patricia Cliff has had, or heard, her share of them throughout her career. Don’t miss this real-life episode of a pre-closing walk-through gone wrong!

Author and top-ranked NYC real estate broker, Patricia Cliff, talks about her reasons for writing The Art of Selling Real Estate.

Enjoy her wit and wisdom as she describes the evolution of the real estate business and why brokers must also evolve.

In her recently published book, The Art of Selling Real Estate, Patricia Cliff shares her insight and humor on surviving your first year in the business.

Sound financial planning is a must!


Patricia interviews Rosanne Haggerty, President of Community Solutions and an internationally recognized leader in the arena of resolving homelessness. Patricia is dedicated to giving back to the commmunity and helping to alleviate homelessness. Read the full blog here.


New York City philanthropist Patricia Cliff turned the tragedy of losing her son into a library of hope — a collection of over 1,000 books to inform and inspire those dealing with mental illness.

For more great book-centric videos, go to

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