This website is about SHARING. I’m going to share with you the in-depth knowledge and skills that I have acquired over the past 35 plus years which have enabled me to rack up 70-100 million dollars in sales annually of luxury Manhattan residential real estate.

The Art of Real Estate Cover CS - rev-6aco.inddI will elaborate where my book, The Art of Selling Real Estate, has left off, by acquainting you with the newest and most innovative Internet and social networking marketing tools that my team at Corcoran employs to keep us competitive in this fast moving technological world.

I will give you an overview of the latest comprehensive information that today’s buyers are seduced by as demonstrated in the Corcoran Group’s award winning website: www.corcoran.com. I will further explain how to take advantage of personal real estate buying opportunities in real time, so that your net worth can grow and you can make money while you sleep.

The Cliff’s Trendspotter blog will also acquaint you with the ways that you can share some of those profits within your community by contributing your expertise and donations to worthwhile efforts addressing the growing problem of homelessness in our affluent society.

And don’t forget to tune in to “Hot Tips for Cool Agents” which will appear weekly on our Trendspotter blog, for my latest pearls of wisdom and observations about how to maneuver your way successfully around our business.

This site will keep you informed about the most up-to-date news regarding: real estate market conditions and trends on both coasts; the latest styles of cutting edge innovative architecture; successful models for energy efficient, sustainable domestic green living; current cost effective modular pre-fab homes; and emerging trends in domestic life-style preferences. On the other end of the spectrum, there will also be compelling information on meaningful ways to understand and address the underlying causes of the U.S. homeless epidemic along with descriptions of community based models for providing permanent housing for the long term homeless, mentally ill and addicted population. The latest statistics on the foreclosure crisis will be shared along with my sought after suggestions for reducing this blight to otherwise healthy and functional neighborhoods.

IMG_1689-EditLest you think that real estate is the only meaningful topic in my life, there is also a lifestyle component to this website which will describe the activities that my husband Karl and I enjoy and engage in while residing in two U.S. coastal cities – New York City and Portland, Oregon. When not at home, we are avid travelers and will share with you our observations of the activities that we love as we observe them in the four corners of the world. Our passions include: music, especially jazz; creatively prepared, local, organically grown food and wonderful wines. Our nature observing outdoor activities include hiking, sailing, kayaking, and distance swimming. As avid readers, we look forward to sharing with you brief reviews of the books that we enjoy on a myriad of different topics. So, come along for the ride and enjoy the adventures that we want to share with you!

My mantra is that lasting and meaningful value in one’s life can only be achieved when it is shared with others.

I welcome readership contributions and engagement on these issues.

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